SCIF Access Control Integration

Cost-Effective ACS Solution Using Existing Platform

Utilizing StarWatch™ SMS software and equipment already installed in each Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) within the ICIDS program, Special Security officers can seamlessly expand the scope of on-site security to include access control and video monitoring. In addition to the standard intrusion detection system (IDS), the platform in use at all SCIF locations includes a proven access control (ACS) software module for personnel management, card/door monitoring, and strict control of all access points. Under your existing license, simply connect a StarWatch access control panel to your SCIF to include this ACS functionality, with the benefits of a centralized database and a common software interface for operators. Supporting numerous reader and card designs, the system enables rapid integration with existing credentials, removing the need to create new cards.

Key Features

  • Simple path to expanded ACS capabilities
  • Efficient on-site enrollment of personnel into access control and badging databases
  • Easy integration with existing credentials and readers
  • Detailed report generation listing access events, credential assignments, etc.
  • Formatted importing of existing personnel profiles and rosters
  • Video integration of connected 3rd-party cameras
  • Automated portal actions based on events, workflows, conditions, and schedules
  • Meets all U.S. Army technical specifications and requirements

True Security Integration

Because all information flows back to a common workstation, data and alarm points can be linked across disciplines to provide a comprehensive security view where each module acts not as a stand-alone system, but as part of a dynamic, multi-layered security framework: a single database, a single user interface, and a single point of contact for service and support. This open architecture design helps to remove physical security disparity between facilities, tenants, and installations and reduces costs related to running and maintaining separate systems and software licenses.

Proven Performance, Pre-installed

National Counterintelligence and Security Center IC technical specifications for ICD/ICS 705 require that equipment containing access-control software programs be located within a SCIF or a SECRET controlled area. The StarWatch ACS solution emerges as the obvious choice for implementation since it meets all requirements for a standalone SCIF ACS with software and components already installed within every SCIF. Each ICIDS SCIF is protected by the StarWatch family of IDS products, which have performed in wide-ranging military environments since the original 1992 U.S. Army ICIDS-I contract. Consisting of a workstation with a single monitor, SCIF systems are pre-loaded with the StarWatch SMS software suite, a basic system configuration, and an operating system set up for Risk Management Framework (RMF).

When activated, the fully integrated ACS module provides a set of software and technical security tools to restrict the entry and exit of personnel through all SCIF access points: doors, gates, and checkpoints. With the addition of door controllers and keypad/readers, SCIF administrators can manage both access/secure PICS and access rights for individuals. In addition to ACS, the StarWatch SCIF will allow the connection of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to supplement the monitoring of entrances for remote control of doors from within the SCIF.

SCIF Workstation with Access Control

By connecting an EntroStar™ two-door controller and a keypad/reader to an existing ICIDS SCIF configuration, administrators can easily unlock robust access control features through StarWatch SMS.

In a standard system, SCIF computers are connected to the Primary Monitoring Console (PMC) of a base through a secured communications channel. Each SCIF computer independently monitors all Remote Area Data Collectors (RADCs) located within the SCIF and reports events to the PMC. Enhanced with ACS capability, relevant IDS/ACS system information is stored locally, enabling authorized operators to enroll users and access credentials while maintaining 24/7 situational awareness at the location.


  • Workstation clients can be added
  • Database of 1,000 credentials
  • Up to 64 readers
  • Video integration of IP cameras

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SCIF Access Control Integration

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Integrated Capabilities

Beyond SCIF access control, the StarWatch SMS platform offers an innovative array of fully integrated solutions.

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