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Fielding systems at U.S. Army bases and other critical facilities for nearly 30 years, the StarWatch™ platform provides state-of-the-art access control solutions hardened in the world’s most secure environments. The latest iteration of this technology, StarWatch SMS, features extensive modules for personnel management, card/door monitoring, and visit planning all presented in a single, easy-to-use interface for operators and administrators.

Offering superior levels of monitoring and control, StarWatch delivers powerful, scalable solutions, from simple door control applications to multi-site, Enterprise-class installations.

System Features

  • Efficient on-site enrollment of personnel into access control and badging databases
  • Full tracking and reporting of card holder movements
  • Powerful access point/permission management module
  • Seamless integration with existing panels and readers
  • Multiple levels of anti-passback control
  • Flexible visit planner with advanced scheduling tools and buddy/escort rules
  • High-enterprise card management system supporting multiple formats
  • Crystal Reports based report generation
  • Single pane operator set-up for minimized registration times
  • Full aspect event search algorithms

High-Security Applications

In large-scale installations, such as training centers and corporate campuses, StarWatch SMS supports thousands of discrete alarm inputs and supervises the movement of personnel through restricted areas using video surveillance and pass-card enabled entry/ exit portals. Real-time connections to facility door controllers and sensors ensure that event details are processed and acted upon instantaneously.

Enabling rapid integration with existing equipment, the system supports numerous card reader designs and is fully compatible with leading biometric identification technologies. StarWatch SMS also leverages the latest card and enrollment practices to provide highly efficient processing of on-site personnel and visitors.

The power of StarWatch SMS is rooted in a sophisticated configuration system that provides limitless design and layout possibilities for securing doors, facilities, and entire building complexes. For access control, configurable elements include map-based security zones, administrator/user roles and rights, person and credential types, personnel profiles, access permission levels, and the workspace plans provided to interconnected guard stations.

Strict Monitoring of Card Movement

Fully imbedded within the StarWatch SMS interface, a dynamic card watch feature allows operators to search the system database for registered personnel and view a history of their access control related activity. Individuals are selected via simple search and click, prompting associated event details, such as access times and locations, to be displayed in an on-screen viewing panel that is dockable to any position.

Card watch functionality can also be used to provide a live, continuously updated indication of selected individuals as they move through a facility. With this setting activated, event details are automatically reported in the viewer when the access cards of selected personnel are utilized at entry/exit portals. In this manner, operators are able to maintain a constant watch on the movement and location of any person of interest.

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Integrated Capabilities

Beyond access control, the StarWatch SMS platform offers an innovative array of fully integrated solutions.

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