In-Field Mobile Security

Security Management in the Field

Built on the StarWatch™ SMS platform and the latest in wireless communications technology, DAQ’s mobile application is specifically designed for installations that require security personnel to be on the move. Using hand-held devices, guards are able to manage personnel credentials, monitor entry/exit points, and respond quickly to alarm situations, all while communicating in real time with a centralized database.

Via the StarWatch mobile interface, the power of superior access control technology is brought from the desktop into the field, allowing security teams to maintain complete situational awareness across multiple secure sites.

System Features

  • Seamless, real-time interface with main access control database
  • Efficient processing of high-volume traffic, with provisions for personnel, visitors, and on-site contractors
  • Customized reporting and instant notification of system events
  • Flexibility to address a wide range of applications and expand to multi-site, Enterprise-class operations

Efficient ID Processing

Local administrators can configure processes and procedures to facilitate the secure, on-site movement of thousands of visitors, employees, and vehicles on a daily basis. In a typical configuration, guards stationed at multiple entry control points use wireless mobile devices running StarWatch mobile to scan ID cards as individuals enter and exit access zones.

Interfacing with the central database, the application instantly indicates whether a card is valid for entry at a location, displaying related cardholder details, such as organization, date of birth, permission level, and photograph. Each access event is permanently recorded in the system, creating a searchable log that tracks where and when specific individuals have been processed. Using an embedded reports feature, operators can easily create customized, multi-layer reports displaying access control events and trends.

Information on the Go

Critical personnel information stored on badges and matched against a master database can be accessed from any operator station, whether mobile or desktop. Profiles include access levels, descriptive details, movement history, and any vehicle assignments.

Simplifying the entry/exit process, the system enables security personnel to issue and expire temporary badges on location, making parking lot security and visitor area control an integral part of the overall access control scheme. The application also provides an efficient reissuing routine for managing lost or stolen cards.

Designed for Connectivity

Within the mobile configuration, an advanced communications architecture allows for optimized device-to-server connectivity.

Mobile systems also provide an interface to the complete suite of StarWatch SMS monitoring and control features, including dynamic area maps, alarm queues, and live surveillance video. As security needs expand, field devices and control modules can be added to the system.

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Integrated Capabilities

Beyond in-field mobile security, the StarWatch SMS platform offers an innovative array of fully integrated solutions.

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