Video Surveillance

Integration with Leading Technologies

The StarWatchâ„¢ SMS platform supports the latest generation of video management and recording technologies, offering flexible solutions to meet any security requirement. True video integration with access control, intrusion detection, and other system components is achieved via a robust, open architecture design and a dedicated video client employing high-level camera command and control functionality.

Matched to the technical performance needs of system designers, StarWatch SMS seamlessly interfaces with a wide range of industry-standard camera and switcher protocols and is easily scalable from single facility applications to Enterprise-class surveillance.

System Features

  • Integration of 3rd-party technologies, including OnSSI, Bosch, Axis, ONVIF, Milestone, and more
  • Simple creation of customized video wall displays
  • Automatic live video call-up upon alarm with physical alarm points assigned to individual cameras
  • Dual-streaming of live and recorded video from same camera source
  • Time-stamped pre and post event NVR recording
  • Simple, one-click switching between saved display layouts for expanded monitoring capability
  • Direct link to GIS-based maps and graphics

Video Wall Displays

The StarWatch SMS video module enables unlimited display possibilities. Within a multi-function designer mode, system operators can fully customize video wall layouts, easily bringing live feed from multiple cameras into a shared display space with click and drag sizing and positioning of individual feeds. Providing the scalability needed for larger installations, separate video walls can be created for each monitor connected to the system, providing constant monitoring and recording from any location, frame, or angle.

All screen configurations can be saved for future use and assigned to specific user types or operators. StarWatch SMS also distinguishes between live and recorded video from the same camera source, allowing users to view archived footage without losing the live feed.

Automated Video Call-Up

Using powerful alarm management features, system administrators can assign alarm points to connected cameras, ensuring immediate situational awareness during breaches in security. In the event of an active alarm, live video from any associated camera is automatically displayed on screen in a reserved viewing space offering complete PTZ functionality.

If the system has been configured with network video recording capability, a pre and post alarm event clip will be permanently retained in the StarWatch SMS database matched with a time-stamped alarm history for later retrieval and viewing. Video time scales are fully configurable, providing an effective mechanism for event recording and analysis.

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Core Capabilities - Video Management

Description: overview of the DAQ video management solution, from customizable video wall displays to site map integration
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Integrated Capabilities

Beyond video management, the StarWatch SMS platform offers an innovative array of fully integrated solutions.

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