Our Technology

Automation Solutions

DAQ technology facilitates the secure, efficient transmission of complex data between geographically remote locations using networked electronic modules. In a typical system, various distributed devices collect and process information locally and report critical details, such as alarm conditions and analog values, to a central monitoring site.

Core applications include security systems for military and industrial facilities and power management systems for electric utilities.

Innovative Products

The heart of DAQ's expertise is encompassed in the StarWatch and Callisto product lines, which feature application-specific hardware modules and an associated software interface used to maintain rapid flow of information between modules. These products provide a high degree of automation, controlling local and system-wide processes with minimal need for operator intervention. Device and system configurations are custom-designed to suit scenarios ranging from standalone control and monitoring units to large, multi-site operations.

DAQ's modular approach to component design results in simplified system expansion and maintenance. Circuit boards are engineered to support high-speed communications through an array of protocols and are compatible with the latest generation of off-the-shelf sensors and IEDs.