A Focus on Automation

The core expertise of DAQ Electronics lies in the automation of complex processes for both security and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications. Our custom-designed solutions, which range from small, stand alone units to multi-site, distributed systems, enable users to precisely monitor and control geographically dispersed plants and equipment with a high degree of accuracy. By removing the possibility of human error from critical processes, DAQ technology ensures the reliable flow of information across system architecture and an immediate response to alarm situations.

Always a key priority, DAQ strives to simplify the installation and management of our automated systems, incorporating extensive, user-friendly configuration options into our suite of security and SCADA products and emphasizing interoperability between modules. Today, thousands of installed DAQ remote terminal units (RTUs) and sub-devices are serving to protect assets in military and commercial environments and manage power distribution functions for electric utilities.

Technology Progression

Founded in 1975, DAQ pioneered distributed processing for SCADA applications in multiple industries, including electric, petrochemical, water/waste water, transportation and communications. By facilitating the secure, high-speed transmission of data between remote locations, DAQ technology introduced a high level of automation to utility operations. As the company expanded, development projects primarily focused on the design of advanced RTUs for use by electric utilities, providing increased functionality for power monitoring and distribution.

Broad experience in high-speed data transfer led to our emergence into the physical security market, where DAQ technology originally developed for SCADA offered a powerful advantage for access control and intrusion detection applications. Since expanding into the security market, DAQ products have been incorporated into numerous U.S. DoD installations.

Corporate Fact Sheet

Description: general overview and history of DAQ Electronics, LLC
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