Intrusion Detection

World-Class Design and Performance

Reflecting decades of experience protecting personnel and assets at U.S. DoD installations, StarWatch™ SMS comprises one of the world’s premier intrusion detection solutions. Merging innovative software segments for site planning, device integration, and high-speed alarm management, the system achieves an advanced security environment without the need for separate software packages running in parallel.

Beyond a proven military-pedigree, StarWatch SMS allows security professionals in the commercial space to effectively configure, manage, and process intrusion detection data in even the most complex, technically challenging security applications.

System Features

  • Situational awareness across all entry points, critical zones, and perimeters
  • Intuitive GUI design for easy setup and configuration
  • Seamless interface to third party panic alarm systems, cameras, radars, and CBRNE sensors
  • Panel agnostic - designed to integrate with existing IDS hardware
  • Wide range of applications, from simple alarm annunciation to multi-facility security management
  • Powerful alarm management features, from initial issue recognition to final resolution
  • Automated decision-making at all system levels via innovative distributed processing model

Complete Situational Awareness

With support for numerous communications interfaces and protocols, StarWatch SMS streamlines the integration of classic IDS and threat sensors into an easily scalable solution. Devices such as motion sensors, glass-break units, passive and active infrared monitors, and the latest generation of CBRNE sensors, are easily connected to system field panels. Device data streams are fully integrated into an innovative GUI, which intelligently coordinates and displays live information for clear, rapid interpretation.

Secure Alarm Processing

StarWatch SMS facilitates the rapid, effective resolution of any alarms generated within established intrusion detection zones. Using precise, GIS-based information automatically presented upon event, including interactive site graphic call-ups and alarm detail tabs, operators are able to efficiently determine the proper course of action.

Pinned to the operator screen, an alarm incidents list continuously indicates the status, severity, class, time, and zone of each alarm occurrence and allows informed acknowledgement, deferment, and/or clearing. To align with operator activities and preferences, the configuration of visual signifiers displayed in the alarm list, including text-based categories and screen icons, is fully customizable. The alarm queue remains active at all times, enabling continuous monitoring through shift change. All alarm related events are permanently recorded in the system database for future reporting, with operators able to attach relevant resolution codes and other notes via a quick editing toolset.

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Core Capabilities - Intrusion Detection

Description: overview of the DAQ intrusion detection solution, from secure alarm processing to interactive site maps
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Integrated Capabilities

Beyond intrusion detection, the StarWatch SMS platform offers an innovative array of fully integrated solutions.

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