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Protecting Military Infrastructure and Critical Assets

DAQ security products are currently utilized at some of the most secure installations in the world, including U.S. military bases and the Pentagon. Extensive StarWatch™ SMS access control systems support thousands of discrete alarm inputs and supervise the movement of personnel through restricted areas using pass-card enabled entry/exit portals. Real time connections to facility sensors ensure that event details are processed and acted upon instantaneously.

Integrated systems feature a suite of remote devices capable of interfacing with state-of-the-art security technologies, including infrared cameras, biometric identification devices, and CBRNE sensors.

System Features

  • Automated decision-making at all system levels via proprietary distributed processing model
  • Dynamic GUI supporting multiple real-time views with overlay capability
  • Access control design supporting latest smart card and biometric identification technologies
  • Intuitive navigation of coordinated alarm information
  • Direct compatibility with third party cameras, devices, and sensors

A Department of Defense Standard

Used to protect more than 50 U.S. Army bases across the globe, the StarWatch platform is engineered to meet stringent standards of reliability and impenetrability. These high-performance systems provide complete situational awareness using robust software applications, hardware devices, and sub-systems.

Through an innovative, high-speed software interface, data from geographically dispersed sensors, detectors, portals and imaging systems is processed and sent to centralized workstations where operators command a wide range of supervision and control options. A dynamic system configuration utility allows for a high degree of automation, enabling immediate reaction to intrusion attempts and other threats via pre-determined alarm sequences and response routines.

Integration with Diverse Technologies

StarWatch is a highly scalable technology, with solutions ranging from small, stand-alone access control systems to fully-integrated, PC-based networked security environments that incorporate CCTV, intrusion detection, video badging and verification, and perimeter protection.

Incorporating modular components and software applications, an open architecture approach allows for the seamless integration of imagers, sensors and other third-party devices. In-built access control facilities support numerous card reader designs and are fully compatible with the latest biometric identification technologies, including iris, fingerprint, facial recognition, and hand geometry.

To explore how DAQ can define and deliver cost-effective solutions for your government or military application, please contact our offices. We are standing by to help secure your facilities. Please note that in recognizing the critical nature of your security concerns, DAQ maintains strict confidentiality in all aspects of project discussion, planning, engineering, and installation.

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Government Applications

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StarWatch Overview

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Integrated Software Components

StarWatch combines typically distinct security functions into a cohesive management system, all operating under a single user interface with common databases. This fusion of information allows each activity, event, and response to be informed by the current condition of every sensor, portal, camera, and third-party device connected to the system.

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The StarWatch product portfolio includes a proven line of software and devices that allow users to maintain comprehensive situational awareness across all entry points, surveillance zones, and perimeters.