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Flexible Security Design

For corporate applications, the StarWatch™ security management suite provides truly scalable solutions, from cost-effective, single storefront security systems to Enterprise-class, multi-facility installations. Central to this flexibility of scale, a modular design allows users and integrators to define software and device configurations to their exact requirements by incorporating select features of access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and life safety technology. By integrating these capabilities under a single user interface, StarWatch offers a platform that is easy to operate and manage, provides complete situational awareness throughout your operation, and ensures that as your business and security needs grow, your system easily grows with you.

Whether your requirements are to protect sensitive files and equipment, secure the flow of employees and visitors through company offices and locations, or closely monitor interior and exterior spaces for irregular activity, StarWatch is your gateway to improved corporate safety and decreased business risk.

System Features

  • Improved security and enhanced business intelligence
  • Real-time personnel management, card/door monitoring, and visitor planning
  • Open support for the latest generation of video management and recording technologies
  • Access/secure intrusion detection for sensitive areas
  • Protection of business-critical data and equipment
  • Wireless lock management for interior doors
  • Full entry point solutions for parking garages
  • Integration with elevator control routines and systems

Proven Access Control Model

Using exclusive, security automation technology honed through decades of military experience, StarWatch offers a physical access control solution that is well-suited for multi-tenant buildings or regionalized national corporations, regardless of the industry. The system easily connects to the latest generation of readers, including contactless smart card and biometric devices, allowing you to strictly control who has access to your business and when, while eliminating the costs of rekeying. Via a dynamic, easy-to-use configuration module, company officials can set up customized access control schemes incorporating multiple authorization levels and calendar-based scheduling.

With integrated visitor management, StarWatch streamlines the visitor sign-in process, efficiently assigning credentials to guests or contractors with options for photo capture and driver’s license scans for quick comparison against company or regional databases and/or criminal background checks. Once a visitor begins their appointment, the system tracks and time-stamps all associated data, such as when the person enters a building or interior zone, the reason for the visit, and who the person is visiting, for historical analysis and real-time report generation during emergencies.

Protect Against Intrusion

StarWatch protects businesses against intrusion day and night through the seamless integration of smart, reliable security devices and components, from glass-break sensors to infrared cameras. An intuitive user interface enables security personnel to maintain situational awareness across all workspaces and perimeters and immediately respond to a changing environment.

Merging access control and intrusion detection data, the system maintains a single profile for each employee, contractor, or maintenance worker that includes a set of assigned roles and rights. These restrictions define which doors and building areas the individual can access during set time periods and whether they have the authorization to arm or disarm intrusion detection zones. Opening/closing your facility is as simple as presenting an approved credential or connecting to your organization’s Active Directory service or SAML single sign-on (SSO). With this level of integration, companies can closely control who can enter a secured space and even who can enter a secured system or workstation by requiring specific credentials or employing a multi-factor authentication process.

The BACnet Automation Advantage

StarWatch also provides users with the unique opportunity to merge security functionality with Building Automation Systems (BAS) through the use of BACnet, a widely used data communications protocol for building automation and control networks. With built-in BACnet compliance, the platform offers a level of device interoperability and data analysis opportunity previously unavailable in the commercial security market. Most importantly, through an integrated BACnet network, corporations can reduce energy consumption by associating StarWatch access/secure activity to BAS functions. For example, linked systems can turn on/off HVAC and lighting in areas of buildings based on room usage and staff member credential information acquired directly, in real time, from an installed StarWatch security system.

With award-winning products designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system, StarWatch provides a solution that bridges the gap between physical security and building automation technology and opens the door to truly intelligent buildings.

To explore how DAQ can define and deliver cost-effective solutions for your company headquarters, retail locations, or other corporate buildings, please contact our offices. We are standing by to help secure your facilities. Please note that in recognizing the critical nature of security concerns, DAQ maintains strict confidentiality in all aspects of project discussion, planning, engineering, and installation.

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BACnet Solutions

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Integrated Software Components

StarWatch combines typically distinct security functions into a cohesive management system, all operating under a single user interface with common databases. This fusion of information allows each activity, event, and response to be informed by the current condition of every sensor, portal, camera, and third-party device connected to the system.

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The StarWatch product portfolio includes a proven line of software and devices that allow users to maintain comprehensive situational awareness across all entry points, surveillance zones, and perimeters.