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Secure Entry Point Management

Designed to securely manage the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic into corporate campuses, large parking garages, and military bases, the StarWatchâ„¢ gate management module provides flexible entry point solutions that automate the entry/exit process and stop potential intruders at the gate. A fully integrated lane management system, StarWatch seamlessly combines advanced access control technology with physical gate control components.

Individuals and vehicles can be verified at entry and exit kiosks via the latest generation of identification technologies, including barcode, proximity, RFID, and biometrics. Ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to pass, all lane peripherals, including gate arms, electronic signage, signal lights, and bollards, are controlled via software routines.

System Features

  • Solutions range from gate control software/hardware modules to complete installation and support
  • Full interface with existing access control databases and equipment
  • Multiple kiosk-style configurations
  • Proven visitor management module
  • Supports multiple access levels and the latest identification technologies
  • Low-risk, turnkey installation

Efficient ID Processing

Guards maintain complete awareness of lane status and are immediately alerted to alarm situations. An intuitive user interface automatically displays credential details generated from employee and visitor databases in combination with data from installed security devices.

Allowing system users to easily incorporate additional layers of security, StarWatch also facilitates the use of innovative screening technologies, including CBRNE sensors/detectors and a wide range of surveillance equipment.

Advanced Verification Systems

By efficiently identifying and matching visitors to a security database supporting photo verification and multiple access levels, StarWatch strictly controls site access. Individuals are instantaneously cross-referenced to ensure that approval has been granted for defined entry times and locations.

The platform also provides a module for asset association, ensuring that restricted materials, such as laptops, vehicles, and weapons, are transported on and off site by specified personnel only. During situations of heightened security, the ability of the system to process access requests in real time minimizes traffic delays while still providing an optimal level of protection.

Customized to Your Location

The versatility of the StarWatch platform provides key advantages for users looking to upgrade existing gate operations as well as for customers developing on-site security solutions for currently unprotected areas. Gate operations can be based on the proven DAQ platform or interfaced through existing access control or visitor management configurations. Previously installed equipment can also be easily integrated into the system, with support for native communication protocols. For customers in the initial planning stages, we offer a complete solution, custom-engineered to specific requirements using the core foundation of StarWatch access control technology. We can also provide professional installation and support services through one of our many experienced integration partners.

To explore how DAQ can define and deliver cost-effective solutions for your gate management application, please contact our offices. We are standing by to help secure your facilities. Please note that in recognizing the critical nature of your security concerns, DAQ maintains strict confidentiality in all aspects of project discussion, planning, engineering, and installation.

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Gate Control Applications

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StarWatch GMS Diagram

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Integrated Software Components

StarWatch combines typically distinct security functions into a cohesive management system, all operating under a single user interface with common databases. This fusion of information allows each activity, event, and response to be informed by the current condition of every sensor, portal, camera, and third-party device connected to the system.

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