Supporting Software

DAQ Callisto technology incorporates sophisticated, user-friendly software designs, providing users with a high degree of flexibility when setting up their SCADA systems. Integrated programs support numerous communications protocols and allow for customized configurations and "on the fly" diagnostics.

  • Comprehensive configuration screens for fine-tuning of system parameters
  • Programmable logic package
  • Extensive, license-free protocol library
  • User-friendly diagnostics system
  • Key utility applications, including SOE recording and data archiving

Software Overview

Description: printable .pdf overview of Callisto software packages for system configuration, logic applications, and diagnostics.
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All software packages and update packs can be accessed directly from our SCADA downloads section. Please note that this content is restricted to DAQ customers and equipment users. To login or apply for access, please visit our downloads page.


The powerful CallistoView configuration utility provides all of the software tools needed to configure and maintain a DAQ Callisto remote. The program simplifies the configuration of complex SCADA systems and offers an extensive selection of variables and options, allowing the user to fully customize their design.

CallistoView provides facilities for managing the entire remote system, from communications parameters and IED interfaces, to analog scaling factors and power system calculations. Included in the package are an extensive protocol library and a diverse array of utility applications, including SOE recording, data archiving, event recording and programmable logic.

Purchasing a Callisto product entitles the user to utilize any available protocol or application, license free, for the life of the product.

Widely regarded as one of the most flexible and user-friendly configuration tools available, CallistoView is provided free of charge to all Callisto users. To access the latest version of CallistoView, please visit our downloads section.


PILOT (Programmable Integrated Logic Tool) is a Windows®-based package for creating logic applications within a DAQ system. The program integrates IEC 1131 FBD (Function Block Diagram) language, allowing users to create complex algorithms in a clear graphical format. Completed applications are similar to wiring diagrams in appearance, with individual elements depicted as blocks are linked together on-screen. Programming created in such languages as Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST) and Instruction List (IL) can be easily duplicated using a PILOT diagram.

PILOT supports arithmetic, boolean and comparison functions as a standard, and provides the ability to define custom macro-functions that can be used as templates from one project to the next. PILOT is currently packaged as part of the CallistoView software suite. To access the latest version of CallistoView, please visit our downloads section.


The CalTerm2 software package allows users to make a temporary connection to a DAQ device through a PC serial port. Once communicating, text-based commands can be sent directly to the device and data can be received back in real time, enabling convenient, "on-the-fly" diagnostics. CalTerm2 is similar to the HyperTerminal Windows® utility, but with customized features for interacting with DAQ devices.

The program provides powerful diagnostic tools, including the ability to log device data and send command sequences once or repetitively. Individual commands or scripted command sequences are sent to the device via an interactive on-screen interface and stored in text files that can be created with any standard text editor. User-friendly push buttons and pull-down menus provide access to various CalTerm2 features, including configuration screens, logging options and command/scripting actions. To access the latest version of CalTerm2, please visit our downloads section.

Related Products

In addition to advanced configuration software, the Callisto product portfolio includes a proven line of remotes and processing modules that allow users to monitor and control critical SCADA processes for diverse applications.