Door Controllers

EntroStar Access Control Panel

EntroStar™ is the world’s first PoE/PoE+ native BACnet access control panel, offering true open connectivity for diverse applications. Designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system, the EntroStar enables seamless integration of access control, security, and building management systems. Each EntroStar controller supports two doors with combinations of magnetic locks and electric strikes/releases and up to four Wiegand compatible readers without the need for a local power supply1. The panel can be installed directly or housed within a metal enclosure with an optional 15VDC power supply. The unit can also provide local battery back-up charged by the PoE/PoE+ supply.

  • Auto-discovery of panels across disparate networks
  • Automatic issuance of IP addresses, static or DHCP
  • Built upon standards-based BACnet protocol
  • PoE/PoE+ design powers 2 locking devices and 4 readers, eliminating need for external power supply
  • 4-state alarm monitoring
  • Innovative status indication LEDs and icons reduce installation and configuration time

EntroStar panels are specifically designed to facilitate ease of installation and configuration, typically cutting total deployment time in half. RJ45 jacks are used for door reader connections, allowing standard CAT5 FTP cabling for both readers and communications. Innovative diagnostic LEDs allow complete local commissioning without the need for special tools or even a laptop. With the inclusion of rapid autodiscovery features for “plug and play” functionality, EntroStar technology signifies a paradigm shift in installation simplicity.

EntroStar Overview

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Local Controller

As part of an integrated StarWatch™ security system, the Local Controller is capable of providing complete access control facilities for up to two configured doors. Normally used in conjunction with a card reader/keypad to strictly control site entry and a card reader or RTE (Request to Exit) button to manage site exit, the unit supports a variety of door operating modes, including turnstile, man trap, motorized portal, and barrier.

Relevant system information, such as access card data, ciphers, and event data, is stored locally, enabling efficient coordination of access requests and responses. Reflecting the open design of StarWatch components, the most widely used reader technologies can be interfaced to the Local Controller, including magnetic stripe, proximity, Wiegand, and a variety of biometric devices.

  • Supports the latest card reader formats
  • Up to 15 two-door or 31 single-door Local Controllers can interface to a single RADC network controller
  • Six tamper-protected inputs for door contact, RTE switch, and alarm input
  • Four configurable control output relays for door lock mechanism and other functions
  • Diagnostic LED indications for status, tamper, and controls

Local Controllers communicate with associated RADC network controllers over an ArcNET LAN (Local Area Network) via isolated RS485 or a fiber optic interface, with a single RADC supporting up to 31 doors. Each unit is equipped with battery-backed memory capable of storing up to 2,000 cards and 1,000 events and includes four onboard output relays to control door releases, alarms, entry/exit request bells, or other auxiliary devices. Along with individual tamper protection for each of six input points, the Local Controller also features an enclosure tamper alarm.

Local Controller Overview

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Wireless Lock Integration

By interfacing a StarGate-5 controller with an Aperio® hub from ASSA ABLOY®, the StarWatch™ SMS platform can easily expand the reach of your access control system, connecting to a wide range of wireless door and cabinet locks. With an open, forward-thinking design, StarWatch supports the framework of existing systems, seamlessly integrating with installed equipment, while providing administrators with the architectural tools needed to add wireless locking devices to new areas and quickly adapt to changing security requirements.

Available in a variety of locking solutions from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, Aperio is a global platform that allows you to affordably increase facility security using local wireless communication. In a StarWatch network, StarGate-5 modules provide real-time on-line/off-line access control management for all locks connected to Aperio hubs. Hubs communicate wirelessly to customizable locks for doors, server racks, and interior cabinets, eliminating the greatest cost and inconvenience of traditional access control - wiring at the door.

  • StarGate-5 supports 16 electronic locks using up to 8 Aperio hubs
  • Each Aperio hub supports 8 locks
  • AES 128-bit encryption between the Aperio hub and wireless locks
  • Supports HID® 125 kHz proximity or 13.56 MHz iCLASS® credentials
  • Large selection of door locks, server rack locks, and cabinet locks
  • PoE+ build option for StarGate-5

Each StarGate-5 controller supports up to 16 electronic locking mechanisms and can be paired with a single Aperio hub or connected to up to 8 hubs. Individual hubs support wireless communication with up to 8 distributed locks. The panel can be installed directly or housed within a metal enclosure with an optional 24VDC power supply. The unit can also provide local battery back-up charged by the local power supply or PoE+ supply.

Wireless Lock Integration Overview

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Aperio/StarWatch SMS Wireless Solution

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