Merge Security and Building Automation with BACnet

The StarWatch security management system provides users with the unique opportunity to merge security functionality with Building Automation Systems (BAS) through the use of BACnet, a widely used data communications protocol for building automation and control networks developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). In addition to being an American and European standard, the protocol has also been established as an ANSI and ISO global standard. In use at hundreds of thousands of installations around the world, BACnet provides a common protocol that can be used by virtually any type of building automation equipment, including HVAC, lighting, energy management, and life safety systems, regardless of manufacturer, and now by powerful StarWatch security controllers and software.

Designed to be extensible and adaptable to new applications through a comprehensive framework of objects and services, BACnet is continuously maintained by a broad cross-section of stakeholders, including manufacturers, specifiers, and end-users from diverse building control industries.

With built-in BACnet compliance, the StarWatch platform offers a level of device interoperability and data analysis opportunity previously unavailable in the commercial security market. The seamless integration of an open protocol within a world-class security system allows end-users to maximize the operating efficiency of their automation systems using real-time access control and intrusion detection data, resulting in increased security, occupant comfort, and reduced operating costs.

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