DAQ Introduces New IoE3 and IoG3 Communications Products

To meet emerging Smart Grid requirements, DAQ introduces the IoE3 and IoG3 communications products, two powerful additions to the Callisto™ network. The IoE3 is the latest generation of communications module, designed to combine with other DAQ modular units to create highly customized multi-card remote solutions. IoE3 technology also forms the core of the IoG3, a secured communications gateway housed in a 1U rack-mount enclosure.

Meeting Emerging Smart Grid Requirements

  • Secure integration with distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Cost-effective framework for IT/OT convergence
  • Full device configuration and management over WAN
  • Flexible interfaces to legacy systems and devices

Building Security Into Your Grid

  • Secure DNP and other encrypted network protocols
  • Authentication and certificate management systems, including LDAP and SAML
  • Integrated firewall protection

Both products manage information received from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) as well as data from other Callisto nodes, all while adding a new layer of security to your SCADA system. Operating in a stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with other Callisto nodes, the modules support communication with multiple master stations and offer powerful data processing applications, including programmable logic and SOE recording. Built-in security features include remote authentication, secure passwords, encrypted protocols (OpenVPN, HTTPS, SSH, SFTP), firewall protection, and syslog event management. Connected to an Active Directory authentication system, the units provide logging for audits.

Proven Communications Technology

  • Dual gigabit Ethernet connections and configurable serial data ports
  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • Supports SCADA protocols over TCP/IP and serial
  • On-board cellular communications
  • User-configurable automation applications

The IoE3 and IoG3 offer dual Gigabyte Ethernet connections and four on-board communication ports that are configurable as RS485 or RS232 circuits. A library of supported protocols enables the modules to communicate with devices in their native language, providing automation solutions that are open in design and manufacturer independent.

To discuss the benefits of IoE3 and IoG3 secure communications technology, please contact DAQ directly.

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