DAQ Discontinues IoE1 Product in Migration to IoE2

Manufactured since 1992, the IoE1 communications module (part #ACB-05338) has been discontinued due to the increasing difficulty of sourcing required components. Orders for this product will be taken until July 15, 2018, with a final production run scheduled for August.

DAQ will continue to provide technical support for IoE1 boards, including repair, but replacement IoE1 modules will no longer be available. Customers needing communications modules for their Callisto networks will be able to purchase the IoE2, a direct plug-in replacement featuring four serial data ports and a single Ethernet port. Additionally, DAQ will be releasing an IoE3 module, also a plug-in replacement, supporting dual Ethernet connections and key security enhancements.

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To discuss the benefits and backward compatibility of the IoE2, please contact DAQ directly.

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