CallistoView Full Release Now Available

DAQ is pleased to announce CallistoView Full Release, the latest upgrade to our sophisticated RTU configuration package. Widely regarded as one of the most powerful and user-friendly configuration tools available, the integrated CallistoView package supports numerous communication protocols and allows for customized configurations and "on the fly" diagnostics. CallistoView provides facilities for managing the entire remote system, from communications parameters and IED interfaces, to analog scaling factors and power system calculations. Included in the package are an extensive protocol library and a diverse array of utility applications, including SOE recording, data archiving, and event recording.

This release is a full installation that includes all service packs previously created for CallistoView and the latest version of the PILOT integrated logic package. No previous CallistoView installation is required.

CallistoView Full Release is available to registered users in the Downloads section.

Please contact DAQ with any questions on this new software update.

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