Remote Terminal Units

DAQ remotes transcend traditional RTUs by incorporating a true open system design. Flexible Callisto architecture allows various hardware modules and software applications to be seamlessly integrated. The result is a fully customizable solution that delivers the advanced functionality required by today's utilities. In addition to multi-card and retrofit remotes that combine separate modules, DAQ also offers several pre-configured remotes designed to suit common SCADA applications.

Multi-Card Remotes

The central advantage of the DAQ open system approach is the high level of customization offered to RTU users. Customers are able to take an active role in the design and configuration of their system and avoid paying for features they do not need. Supported by DAQ custom engineering and manufacturing, the modularity of Callisto components allows project designs to be easily scaled to user requirements. For most applications, a Callisto multi-card remote presents an ideal solution, combining the advanced functionality of multiple modules into a competitively priced package.

  • Real time, multi-tasking operating system
  • Advanced power system measurements
  • Extensive library of supported protocols
  • Innovative tools for remote diagnostics
  • Programmable integrated logic (IEC1131)
  • Modular, expandable design
  • Easily customized configurations
  • Distributed LAN multiprocessor architecture
  • Adherence to all industry standards
  • Flexible packaging

Callisto remotes can be configured in freestanding, wall mount, or pole mount cabinets.

EDGE Remote

The latest offering from DAQ's Callisto series, the advanced EDGE remote provides integration of analog, status, and control processing with flexible communications options. The unit is ideal for pole mount, panel mount, data concentration, and small substation applications.

Specifically engineered to bridge the gap between low cost, limited functionality units and expensive high-end devices, EDGE offers state-of-the-art automation technology at a highly competitive price.

  • Native IP connectivity
  • Dedicated features for NERC/CIP compliance
  • Simple upgrade of installed equipment
  • Optimized for the automation of motor-operated switches
  • Accurate maintenance scheduling and predictive failure analysis

In addition to supporting traditional, real-time SCADA information management, EDGE is optimized for the automation of motor-operated switches. Sophisticated software routines enable the monitoring of historical switching events, leading to accurate maintenance scheduling and predictive failure analysis. EDGE is driven by the powerful CallistoView configuration utility, which provides users with the protocols, programmable logic tools, and applications necessary for any type of installation.

EDGE Overview

Description: printable .pdf data sheet for the EDGE RTU, a compact and flexible remote automation device
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EDGE Conversion Panel

Description: printable .pdf data sheet for the EDGE Conversion Panel, allowing simple upgrade from existing equipment to the EDGE
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IoG3 Communications Gateway

Providing the full benefits of DAQ IoE3 communications technology, the IoG3 remote serves as an automation gateway processor for the Callisto™ network, managing information received from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) as well as data from other Callisto nodes, all while adding a new layer of security to your SCADA system. Operating in a stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with other Callisto nodes, the IoG3 supports communication with multiple master stations and offers powerful data processing applications, including programmable logic and SOE recording.

  • Secure integration with distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Cost-effective framework for IT/OT convergence
  • Full device configuration and management over WAN
  • Flexible interfaces to legacy systems and devices

Built-in security features include remote authentication, secure passwords, encrypted protocols (OpenVPN, HTTPS, SSH, SFTP), firewall protection, and syslog event management. Connected to an Active Directory authentication system, the IoG3 provides logging for audits.

  • Secure DNP and other encrypted network protocols
  • Authentication and certificate management systems, including LDAP and SAML
  • Integrated firewall protection

Housed in a 1U rack-mount enclosure, the IoG3 offers dual Gigabyte Ethernet connections and four on-board communication ports that are configurable as RS485 or RS232 circuits. A library of supported protocols enables the IoG3 to communicate with devices in their native language, providing an automation solution that is open in design and manufacturer independent.

  • Dual gigabit Ethernet connections and configurable serial data ports
  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • Supports SCADA protocols over TCP/IP and serial
  • On-board cellular communications
  • User-configurable automation applications

IoG3 Overview

Description: printable .pdf information sheet for the IoG, an RTU supporting smart grid data management functions
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Retrofit Remotes

DAQ offers custom retrofits for all types of existing RTUs. Whether replacing obsolete equipment or adding advanced functionality to existing SCADA systems, Callisto remotes provide an economical solution for large-scale expansion projects or simple hardware upgrades.

By utilizing existing field wiring, the modular approach of the Callisto product line reduces investment in running additional cabling. Through analysis of existing equipment, including cabinets, terminal blocks, power supplies, relays and wiring, DAQ engineers are able to design a retrofit "kit" that can be easily installed into existing assemblies. Individual modules or complete multi-card remotes can be integrated with legacy equipment, bringing state-of-the-art technology to outdated systems.

DAQ provides compatibility with equipment from numerous manufacturers, including ACS, CDC, Chrysler, GE, G-TAC, L&N, Moore Systems, Tasnet, Valmet, and more.

Related Products

In addition to advanced RTUs, the Callisto product portfolio includes a proven line of software and processing modules that allow users to monitor and control critical SCADA processes for diverse applications.