Compact, flexible remote automation device

The latest offering from DAQ's Callisto series, the advanced EDGE remote provides integration of analog, status and control processing with flexible communications options. The unit is ideal for pole mount, panel mount, data concentration and small substation applications. Specifically engineered to bridge the gap between low cost, limited functionality units and expensive high-end devices, EDGE offers state-of-the-art automation technology at a highly competitive price.

Experience the Automation EDGE

  • Native IP Connectivity
  • Dedicated features for NERC/CIP compliance
  • Simple upgrade of installed equipment
  • Optimized for the automation of motor-operated switches
  • Accurate maintenance scheduling and predictive failure analysis

In addition to supporting traditional, real time SCADA information management, EDGE is optimized for the automation of motor-operated switches. Sophisticated software routines enable the monitoring of historical switching events, leading to accurate maintenance scheduling and predictive failure analysis. EDGE is driven by the powerful CallistoView configuration utility, which provides users with the protocols, programmable logic tools and applications necessary for any type of installation.


Description: information sheet for the EDGE RTU - automation of motor-operated switches
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EDGE Conversion Panel

Description: overview of the EDGE Conversion Panel - simple upgrade from existing equipment
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