Our Mission

Mission Statement

DAQ Electronics is dedicated to providing impenetrable security for asset protection scenarios and flexible process automation for distributed control and monitoring applications. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through the development of innovative products that set the standard for reliability and allow for the seamless integration of the latest advances in security and SCADA technology. With a focus on superior service, we strive to offer the most complete system solutions available, while fostering long-term relationships with our customers, business partners and employees.

Customer Relationships

DAQ aims to achieve customer satisfaction by promoting positive interactions in each project stage, from initial sales contact through planning and implementation. This is accomplished through an emphasis on professionalism throughout our organization.

Key elements of our policy include:

  • Treating customer relationships as partnerships, where projects create a win-win situation for both DAQ and our client
  • Providing adequate training for both DAQ and customer employees to guarantee that projects are fully supported on an ongoing basis
  • Supplying high quality products and services that match customer technical specifications and project needs
  • Dealing with customers in a fair, ethical and professional manner in every aspect of our business

Company Goals

Product Innovation

As a technology-focused company, DAQ's success in our core markets is directly related to our ability to develop pioneering technologies and products. This creation of innovative solutions helps to increase our customer base, open emerging and tangent markets, and decrease manufacturing costs.

DAQ must continually utilize the knowledge and experience resources found in our industries, our customers and our own creative channels to develop clearly defined product specifications that can be successfully engineered, developed, and deployed in a timely manner.

Employee Satisfaction

DAQ strives to create an atmosphere in which employees can remain consistently motivated and achieve a genuine sense of accomplishment. This environment is promoted through the fair, respectful treatment of individuals at all times, the proper recognition and appreciation of accomplishments, and the free, open dissemination of information throughout the organization.


The critical elements described above, along with a corporate commitment to the strategic plan, the management information system and other profit increasing concepts, will help DAQ maintain its position as a market leader.