StarWatch SMS - Intrusion Detection

Reflecting decades of experience protecting personnel and assets at U.S. Department of Defense installations, StarWatch SMS comprises one of the world’s premier intrusion detection solutions. Merging innovative software segments for site planning, device integration, and high-speed alarm management, the system achieves an advanced security environment without the need for separate software packages running in parallel.

Beyond a proven military-pedigree, StarWatch SMS allows security professionals in the commercial space to effectively configure, manage, and process intrusion detection data in even the most complex, technically challenging security applications.

Core Capabilities - Intrusion Detection

Description: overview of the StarWatch SMS solution for intrusion detection applications, from secure alarm processing to interactive site maps
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Military-Level Performance

  • Situational awareness across all entry points, critical zones, and perimeters
  • Intuitive GUI design for easy setup and configuration
  • Seamless interface to third party cameras, radars, and CBRNE sensors
  • Panel agnostic - designed to integrate with existing IDS hardware
  • Wide range of applications, from simple alarm annunciation to multi-facility security management
  • Powerful alarm management features, from initial issue recognition to final resolution
  • Automated decision-making at all system levels via innovative distributed processing model