StarWatch SMS - Access Control

Fielding systems at U.S. Army bases and other critical facilities for more than 20 years, the StarWatch platform provides state-of-the-art access control solutions hardened in the world’s most secure environments. The latest iteration of this technology, StarWatch SMS, features extensive modules for personnel management, card/door monitoring, and visit planning all presented in a single, easy-to-use operator/adminstrator interface.

Offering superior levels of monitoring and control, StarWatch SMS delivers powerful, scalable solutions, from simple door control applications to multi-site, enterprise level installations.

Core Capabilities - Access Control

Description: overview of the StarWatch SMS solution for access control applications, from personnel management to report generation
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Proven Solutions

  • Efficient on-site enrollment of personnel into access control and badging databases
  • Full tracking and reporting of card holder movements
  • Powerful access point/permission management module
  • Seamless integration with existing panels and readers
  • Multiple levels of anti-passback control
  • Flexible visit planner with advanced scheduling tools and buddy/escort rules
  • High-enterprise card management system supporting multiple formats
  • Crystal Reports® based report generation
  • Single pane operator set-up for minimized registration times
  • Full aspect event search algorithms