StarWatch SMS

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Evolving from the StarWatch technology suite installed at the Pentagon and numerous military facilities worldwide, the StarWatch SMS platform offers versatile solutions for complex security challenges. Under a single interface, security professionals are able to optimize legacy systems, comply with current industry standards and counter future threats. Ensuring that previous investments in security infrastructure are not wasted, StarWatch SMS supports the framework of existing systems, easily integrating with installed equipment, including copper communications channels and analog cameras.

StarWatch SMS is also uniquely designed to adapt to the next generation of security requirements. An open architecture approach allows for the seamless incorporation of emerging technologies, such as ground-based radar and sophisticated CBRNE sensors, without the need for additional stand alone interfaces running in parallel.

StarWatch SMS Overview

Description: overview of the StarWatch security management system
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Security Management System

  • High performance software incorporating Microsoft SQL Server operational database
  • Flexibility to address a wide range of applications, from simple alarm annunciation to multi-facility security management
  • Full compliance with FIPS-201 requirements
  • Scalable, open architecture design enabling high degree of customization
  • GIS-based maps with user-defined icons and layers linked to real time data
  • Integrated visitor management solution

StarWatch SMS offers real time connections to any system or sensor utilized within a facility, ensuring that all elements of an event are clearly presented and acted upon instantaneously. Via an intuitive, Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI), system operators maintain complete situational awareness across all entry points, critical zones and perimeters. An elegant workstation environment offers enhanced functionality with GIS-based real time graphics, dockable/floating windows and cooperative views providing simple workflows for alarms and graphics. Additionally, a relational database structure supports advanced reporting functions.

Core Capabilities - Access Control

Description: overview of the StarWatch SMS solution for access control applications, from personnel management to report generation
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Core Capabilities - Intrusion Detection

Description: overview of the StarWatch SMS solution for intrusion detection applications, from secure alarm processing to interactive site maps
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Core Capabilities - Video Management

Description: overview of the StarWatch SMS solution for video management applications, from video wall displays to site map integration
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