StarWatch GMS

With security threats continuing to evolve and expand across the globe, restricting access to sensitive facilities has become more critical. Designed to securely manage the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic into military bases, corporate campuses and large parking garages, the StarWatch GMS provides flexible entry point solutions that automate the entry/exit process and stop potential attackers at the gate.

  • Solutions ranging from gate control software and hardware modules to complete installation and support packages
  • Full interface with existing access control databases and equipment
  • Multiple, kiosk-style configurations
  • Proven visitor management module

A fully integrated lane management system, the StarWatch GMS seamlessly combines advanced access control technology with physical gate control components. Individuals and vehicles are verified at entry and exit kiosks via the latest generation of identification technologies, including barcode, proximity, RFID and biometrics. Ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to pass, all lane peripherals, including gate arms, electronic signage, signal lights and bollards, are controlled via sophisticated software routines. Guards maintain complete awareness of lane status and are immediately alerted to alarm situations. A user interface automatically displays credential details generated from employee and visitor databases in combination with data from installed security devices

StarWatch GMS Overview

Description: general overview of the StarWatch gate management system
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StarWatch GMS Diagram

Description: diagram showing a typical StarWatch GMS installation
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