Door Controllers

The Local Controller is capable of providing complete access control facilities for up to two configured doors. Normally used in conjunction with a card reader/keypad to strictly control site entry and a card reader or RTE (Request to Exit) button to manage site exit, the unit supports a variety of door operating modes, including turnstile, man trap, motorized portal and barrier. Relevant system information, such as access card data, ciphers and event data, is stored locally, enabling efficient coordination of access requests and responses.

  • Supports the latest card reader formats and biometric devices
  • Up to 15 two-door or 31 single-door Local Controllers can interface to a single RADC network controller
  • Six tamper-protected inputs for door contact, RTE switch, and alarm input
  • Four configurable control output relays for door lock mechanism and other functions

Local Controllers communicate with associated RADC network controllers over an ArcNET LAN via isolated RS485 or a fiber optic interface. Each unit is equipped with battery-backed memory capable of storing up to 2,000 cards and 1,000 events.

Local Controller Overview

Description: information sheet for the StarWatch door control unit
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