Access/Secure Keypads

When communicating with an associated RADC network controller, the Access/Secure Keypad is capable of monitoring and securing up to eight geographic alarm zones. Access to independent zones is easily controlled via an illuminated push-button keypad, which enables the entry of PIN numbers or the invoking of system control functions, such as local diagnostics and zone settings.

  • Simple, menu-driven interface
  • Backlit 4 x 16 character liquid crystal display
  • Three LEDs indicate modes of operation: access, secure and enter PIN
  • Interactive display allows viewing of alarm states, event logs and system diagnostic features

Using the keypad and backlit LCD display, authorized users can perform a variety of system control tasks, including accessing/securing zones, extending access periods, initiating duress conditions, and running maintenance tests on alarms and sensors.

Access Secure Keypad Overview

Description: information sheet for the StarWatch security zone keypad
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