Advanced communications with digital I/O support

Designed to suit both pole mount and distributed substation applications, the compact Polaris module combines powerful communications technology with digital input/output capability. The unit provides 16 status/alarm inputs, eight command outputs configurable as four on/off pairs and four serial data ports. Port configurations include RS232, RS485, Bell 202 1200-baud modem and dial-up modem with support for both synchronous and asynchronous, byte or bit-oriented protocols.

Serving as a "combo" node in the Callisto network, the Polaris efficiently collects data from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and other Callisto nodes, processing information locally or transferring data to one or more master stations. The module incorporates on-board power supplies and a termination card providing physical connections for input/output wiring along with signal conditioning and protection. Interface between Polaris termination cards and the customer's 5 ampere CT secondary is facilitated by DAQ's SPCT1 unit.

When combined with an IoA1 analog processing module, the Polaris forms the core of the dynamic Elara III RTU, which supports precise analog input monitoring and power system calculations in addition to the standard Polaris features.

Polaris Overview

Description: information sheet for the Polaris data processor with digital I/O support
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