IoE1 Serial Processing Module

High-speed communications and data management

The IoE1 module serves as the communications node in the Callisto network, managing data from other Callisto nodes as well as information received from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). Data can be processed locally using powerful utility applications provided by the CallistoView software package, including programmable logic and SOE recording, or passed to one or more master stations.

The IoE1 offers four configurable, on-board serial data ports that may be physically presented as RS485 or RS232 circuits. Two ports can be linked for operation via an on-board Bell 202, 1200-baud modem, with one optionally configured for operation over a dial-up network. Supported communication options include both synchronous and asynchronous, byte or bit-oriented protocols. To accommodate the need for additional ports, multiple IoE1 nodes may be combined within a Callisto Remote.

A library of supported protocols enables the IoE1 to communicate with devices in their native language, providing an automation solution that is open in design and manufacturer independent. IoE technology also forms the core of DAQ's Intelligent Communication Processor (ICP), a communication gateway used in substation networks to automate and manage large amounts of information from multiple sources.

IoE1 Overview

Description: information sheet for the Callisto serial communications processing module
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