IoC1 Command Processing Module

Efficient, secure management of relay controls

The IoC1 module serves as the command processing node in the Callisto network and is capable of controlling up to 32 relay outputs, configurable as 16 on/off pairs with select-before-operate protection, 16 latch/reset relays or 32 direct-operate commands. To accommodate additional control outputs, multiple IoC1 nodes may be combined within a Callisto remote.

In a basic configuration, relays are mounted directly on the IoC1 module to provide a single Form A or Form B contact output per point. Alternately, to incorporate relays of virtually any type or rating, the IoC1 can be configured to directly drive external relay coils installed on command output termination cards. Each termination card provides physical connections for output wiring along with signal protection and has the capacity for eight momentary relays or four latching relays.

The contact closure duration for each relay is user-definable and can be utilized for raise/lower functionality, with the output relay operate time loaded within the command message.

IoC1 Overview

Description: information sheet for the Callisto command processing module
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