IoA1 Analog Processing Module

Precise input monitoring and power calculations

The IoA1 module serves as the analog processing node in the Callisto network and is capable of monitoring up to 32 physical input points. Input sources can be any combination of conventional DC transducers or directly coupled AC power system devices, including potential transformers (PTs), current transformers (CTs) and line post sensors. A single IoA1 can simultaneously monitor up to eight feeders while providing accurate power system calculations, fault detection, limit excursion reporting, metering applications and disturbance recording. To accommodate additional analog inputs, multiple IoA1 nodes may be combined within a Callisto remote.

The IoA1 works in conjunction with analog termination cards, which provide physical connections for input wiring along with signal conditioning and protection. Each termination card has the capacity for eight distinct inputs, configurable on a per point basis. Interface between IoA1 termination cards and the customer's 5 ampere CT secondary is facilitated by DAQ's SPCT1 unit. Dual high speed analog-to-digital (A/D) converters allow for the simultaneous sampling of both voltage and current at 32 readings per cycle, eliminating the skew associated with single A/D converter designs. Harmonic content and 0.2% RMS calculation accuracy through the 15th harmonic are provided on all AC inputs physically presented at the node.

IoA1 Overview

Description: information sheet for the Callisto analog processing module
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