CalTerm2 (beta version)

The CalTerm2 software package allows users to make a temporary connection to a DAQ device through a PC serial port. Once communicating, text-based commands can be sent directly to the device and data can be received back in real time, enabling convenient, "on-the-fly" diagnostics. CalTerm2 is similar to the HyperTerminal Windows® utility, but with customized features for interacting with DAQ devices.

The program provides powerful diagnostic tools, including the ability to log device data and send command sequences once or repetitively. Individual commands or scripted command sequences are sent to the device via an interactive on-screen interface and stored in text files that can be created with any standard text editor. User-friendly push buttons and pull-down menus provide access to various CalTerm2 features, including configuration screens, logging options and command/scripting actions.

To access the latest version of CalTerm2, please visit the downloads section.