IoG Communications Gateway

Next-gen communications and data management

Providing the full benefits of IoE2 communications technology, the IoG remote serves as an automation gateway processor for the Callisto network, managing information received from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) as well as data from other Callisto nodes. The unit features a surface-mounted PCB design and is housed in a clean, compact package, making it ideal for installation in confined spaces.

Operating in a stand alone configuration or in conjunction with other Callisto nodes, the IoG supports communication with multiple master stations and offers powerful data processing applications, including programmable logic and SOE recording.

The IoG offers four on-board communication ports that are configurable as RS485 or RS232 circuits. To accommodate the need for additional ports, multiple IoG remotes may be combined within a Callisto network. A library of supported protocols enables the IoG to communicate with devices in their native language, providing an automation solution that is open in design and manufacturer independent.

IoG Overview

Description: information sheet for the IoG, an RTU supporting data management functions in a compact package
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