Elara III

Versatile Technology for Distributed Automation

Providing a sophisticated platform for high-speed data management and IED integration, the powerful Elara III remote incorporates analog and digital input/output capability to meet fixed point count requirements. Along with support for programmable automation applications, including centralized ladder logic, the unit offers nine analog inputs, 16 status/alarm inputs, eight command outputs configurable as four on/off pairs and four serial data ports.

The remote houses on-board power supplies and an integrated termination card providing physical connections for wiring and conditioning of all I/O connections. Port configurations include RS232, RS485, Bell 202 1200-baud modem and dial-up modem with support for both synchronous and asynchronous, byte or bit-oriented protocols.

The Elara III also provides the foundation for DAQ's advanced switch control products, including the Capacitor Bank Controller, which provides time-sensitive capacitor switching by automatically correcting for line disturbance, and the Callisto Switch Controller, which seamlessly interfaces with off-the-shelf distribution line switches.

Elara III Overview

Description: information sheet for the Elara III RTU - data management / IED integration
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