Data Concentration

The proliferation of IEDs in electric utility substations, along with requirements to communicate data to multiple, geographically dispersed locations, has fostered the need for intelligent data concentrating. The DAQ ICP meets this demand by providing a flexible, user-friendly interface that enables the integration of third-party devices. This interface is driven by the powerful CallistoView configuration utility and features an extensive, license-free library of both industry-standard and legacy protocols.

To accommodate the high-speed flow of information, the ICP incorporates one or multiple Callisto IoE2 modules into a single bin. Each IoE2 provides four communication ports, configurable for RS232, RS485 or modem operation, with each port capable of supporting a separate protocol. Due to the modularity of Callisto components and the flexibility of the LAN communications architecture, additional IoE2 units can be easily added to an ICP to expand capacity.

DAQ also provides an efficient data concentration solution with the intelligent IoG remote. Providing the full benefits of the IoE2 communications technology, the IoG serves as an automation gateway processor for the Callisto network, managing information received from IEDs as well as data from other Callisto nodes. The unit features a surface mount PCB design and is housed in a clean, compact package with an integrated power supply, making it ideal for installation in confined spaces.

IoG Overview

Description: information sheet for the IoG, an RTU supporting data management functions in a compact package
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