Capacitor Control

When configured to monitor I/O and calculate power system measurements from PTs, CTs, and line post sensors, Callisto remotes collect the necessary data to make capacitor switching decisions. Utilizing DAQ's PILOT logic tool, custom switching algorithms can be created to meet specific utility requirements. Time, temperature, voltage, VARS and PF can all be weighted to determine the best use of a switch control.

For high-end capacitor installations, where the elimination of switching transients is critical, DAQ has developed the Capacitor Bank Controller (CBC). Integrated into the Elara III remote, the CBC ensures zero voltage-based switching while providing all of the standard functionality of the Elara III. When a decision is made to activate capacitors, the CBC operates a single-phase vacuum switch that closes exactly at the zero crossing of the voltage, thereby eliminating system transients. In cases where the zero crossing might be missed, the module creates and stores a time delay based on previous operations and compensates for the next operation.

Capacitor Bank Controller Overview

Description: information sheet for the capacitor bank controller - capacitor switching without line disturbance
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