Security Products

Protecting Military Infrastructure and Critical Assets

DAQ's StarWatch security products are currently utilized at some of the most secure installations in the world, including US military bases and the Pentagon. Extensive access control systems support thousands of discrete alarm inputs and supervise the movement of personnel through restricted areas using CCTV surveillance and pass-card enabled entry/exit portals. Real time connections to facility sensors ensure that event details are processed and acted upon instantaneously.

Security Systems

Proven technology platforms that provide comprehensive situational awareness across a broad range of applications

Security Devices

Seamless monitoring and control of entry/exit portals, exterior devices and intrusion detection sensors

Integrated StarWatch systems feature a suite of remote devices capable of interfacing with state-of-the-art security technologies, including infrared cameras, biometric identification devices, long-/short-range radar and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear sensors. Initially designed to meet military requirements, DAQ systems are also used in commercial and industrial settings, where the heightened need for intrusion detection has fueled security-related initiatives.

Forward-Looking Security Solutions

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StarWatch Overview

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Security Customer List

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