Multi-card Remotes

The central advantage of the DAQ open system approach is the high level of customization offered to RTU users. Customers are able to take an active role in the design and configuration of their system and avoid paying for features they do not need. Supported by DAQ custom engineering and manufacturing, the modularity of Callisto components allows project designs to be easily scaled to user requirements. For most applications, a Callisto multi-card remote presents an ideal solution, combining the advanced functionality of multiple modules into a competitively priced package.

RTU Technology Highlights

  • Real time, multi-tasking operating system
  • Advanced power system measurements
  • Extensive library of protocols
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Programmable Integrated Logic (IEC1131)
  • Modular, expandable design
  • Extensive user configurability
  • Distributed LAN multiprocessor architecture
  • Adherence to industry standards
  • Flexible packaging

Callisto remotes can be configured in freestanding, wall mount or pole mount cabinets.

The Callisto RTU Model

Overcoming the limitations of proprietary systems, the Callisto open system approach enables DAQ to custom-design RTUs to achieve the best technical solution for any application.

Modular Design

The Callisto series offers an array of components that can be "mixed and matched" to precisely suit your project needs.

Technology Partnerships

DAQ closely partners with our customers to develop system designs that remain open to future modification and expansion.

Engineering Support

DAQ hardware and software expertise is fully available to support projects before, during and after installation.

Flexible Packaging

Callisto equipment is adaptable to a wide range of packaging specifications and meets all industry standards.