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Secure Medical Facilities

To effectively safeguard employees, patients, and visitors along with critical assets such as pharmaceuticals, medical data, and diagnostic/treatment equipment, hospitals and other healthcare-related facilities face complex security challenges. Compliance requirements for protecting medical information (HIPAA) by limiting physical access to workstations and other site-specific needs call for a system that can offer a layered approach to securing diverse areas and workspaces. The StarWatch™ SMS platform enables facility managers to easily merge access control, video management, and intrusion detection technology under a single interface to defend against external and internal threats.

Integrated software modules and an array of connected devices provide the sophistication required to allow a secure, yet open environment for day-to-day activities, while restricting pharmacies, maternity centers, operating theaters, and interior office spaces that may demand varying levels of security. StarWatch manages access to all areas based on calendar-based schedules and an individual’s configured permissions and usage rights while monitoring entry/exit points with coordinated video and other sensors. If an incident occurs, options such as activate intercom, lock door, or contact police are clearly presented to system operators as delineated by predefined security procedures.

System Features

  • Protection of business-critical data and equipment
  • Real-time personnel management, card/door monitoring, and visitor planning
  • Simple connection to the latest generation of smart locks and access card technologies
  • Cost-effective, modular design allows for easy expansion as security needs evolve
  • Open support for numerous video management and recording platforms
  • Access/secure intrusion detection for sensitive areas
  • Full entry point solutions for parking garages

Comprehensive Awareness

As healthcare facilities open connectivity to other systems and organizations, a strategy that protects against both physical and cyber risks is required. StarWatch provides built-in mechanisms to shield sensitive data and patient information, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and advanced certification processes. Using defined workflows and multi-level user permissions, the system simplifies security management and smooths the convergence of policy and procedure.

An intuitive user interface, featuring multiple real-time views with overlay capability and a rapid alarm notification scheme, enables complete situational awareness across all portals, zones, cameras, and sensors and quickly adapts to a changing environment. When irregular activity is detected or a network failure occurs, StarWatch enacts automated threat levels and procedures, ensuring a response solution with a high degree of availability and redundancy. As size and complexity increases, the platform offers a complete global view of operations at each location, allowing security personnel to remain informed and alert to all site activity.

At facilities that manage a continuous flow of visitors, such as rehabilitation centers and senior assisted living residences, StarWatch provides innovative tools to efficiently oversee the safety of residents, staff, contractors, and local community with an integrated visitor management module. StarWatch streamlines the visitor sign-in process, efficiently assigning credentials to guests or contractors with options for photo capture and driver’s license scans for quick comparison against facility databases or other regional databases and/or criminal background checks. Once a visitor begins their appointment, the system tracks and time-stamps all associated data, such as when the person enters a building or interior area, the reason for the visit, and who the person is visiting, for historical analysis and real-time report generation during emergencies.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

For the pharmaceutical industry, protecting supply chain inventory and personnel is a primary concern. By applying electronic and biometric access control to sensitive areas with integrated video monitoring and asset tracking, StarWatch defines a high level of security for facilities, employees, and materials. The scalability of StarWatch allows for the same security databases and technologies to be used for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and logistics providers while enabling the easy, cost-effective addition of new security layers as they become needed.

The system delivers a proven access control model honed in numerous military applications and a strict access/secure intrusion detection regime supporting multi-factor authentication. Seamless connection to leading third-party products adds an additional layer of identification technology to ensure that only credentialed personnel gain entry into controlled research, manufacturing, and storage areas.

The BACnet Automation Advantage

The StarWatch platform also provides users with the opportunity to merge security with building automation. With built-in BACnet compliance, the system offers a level of device interoperability previously unavailable in the commercial access control market. Hospitals and other healthcare providers can reduce energy consumption by associating access/secure activity to Building Automation Systems (BAS), including heating/cooling and lighting. The linked systems can turn on/off HVAC and lighting in areas of buildings based on room usage and staff member credentials, resulting in less wasted energy.

With award-winning controllers and software designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system, StarWatch enables integration of access control, security, and building management systems including lighting controls, HVAC, energy management, and life safety. The use of an open protocol allows users to maximize the operating efficiency of their systems resulting in increased security, occupant comfort, and reduced operating costs. With StarWatch, the market has an access control solution that bridges the gap between security and building automation to create truly intelligent buildings.

To explore how DAQ can define and deliver cost-effective solutions for your healthcare application, please contact our offices. We are standing by to help secure your facilities. Please note that in recognizing the critical nature of security concerns, DAQ maintains strict confidentiality in all aspects of project discussion, planning, engineering, and installation.

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Integrated Software Components

StarWatch combines typically distinct security functions into a cohesive management system, all operating under a single user interface with common databases. This fusion of information allows each activity, event, and response to be informed by the current condition of every sensor, portal, camera, and third-party device connected to the system.

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